John Commerford Labor Education Awards

The New York Labor History Association founded the John Commerford Labor Education Award in 1987. Each year we celebrate two honorees for their contributions to workers’ empowerment. Winners are listed here by year, beginning with 1987.

Commerford Award Recipients

Paul Cole, New York State AFL-CIO

Jeannette DiLorenzo, United Federation of Teachers

Kenneth Crowe, Labor Journalist

Joyce D. Miller, ACTWU, AFL-CIO

Ralph Fasanella, Labor Artist

David Montgomery, Yale University

Lois Gray, Cornell University

John J. Sweeney, SEIU, AFL-CIO

Ida Torres, Local 3, RWDSU

Dorothy Swanson, Tamiment Library, New York University

Education Dept., D.C. 37, AFSCME


Joseph Murphy, City University of New York

Alice Kessler-Harris, Columbia University

Kathy Andrade, Local 23-25, ILGWU

Maria Portalatin, United Federation of Teachers

Morton Bahr, Communications Workers of America

Debra E. Bernhardt, Wagner Labor Archives, New York University

Thomas Y. Hobart, Jr., New York State United Teachers

Philoine Fried, Jewish Labor Committee

Sonny Hall, Transport Workers Union

Daniel J. Leab, Seton Hall University

Brian McLaughlin, NYC Central Labor Council

Judith Helfand, George Stoney & Vera Rony, Filmmakers

Gabriel P. Caprio, Amalgamated Bank

Sol Stetin, Textile Workers Union of America

Edward J. Cleary, New York State AFL-CIO

Kate Bronfenbrenner, Cornell University

Randi Weingarten, United Federation of Teachers

Connie Kopelov, New York Labor History Association

Moe Biller, American Postal Workers Union

Norman Hill, A. Philip Randolph Institute

Denis M. Hughes, New York State AFL-CIO

Jack Schierenbeck, United Federation of Teachers

Theodore Bikel, Associated Actors & Artistes of America

Theodore H. Kheel, Labor Mediator

Forward Association, Jewish Daily Forward

Brenda Berkman, Fire Dept., NYC

Dolores C. Huerta, United Farm Workers

Roger Toussaint, Transport Workers Union, Local 100

Joshua B. Freeman, Queens College & CUNY Graduate Center

Judith P. Vladeck, Vladeck, Waldman, Elias & Engelhard

George Andrucki, Sheet Metal Workers, Local 28

Henry Foner, Fur, Leather & Machine Workers Union

Raglan George, Jr., AFSCME, DC 1707

Steven Greenhouse, The New York Times

George Altomare, United Federation of Teachers

Juan Gonzalez, New York Daily News

Janet Wells Greene, Labor Historian

Michael Mulgrew, United Federation of Teachers

Larry Cary, Labor Lawyer

Jane LaTour, Labor Journalist

Peter Yarrow, Artist & Activist

Barbara Bowen, Professional Staff Congress

Eric Foner, Columbia University

American Labor Museum/Botto House

Arthur Cheliotes, CWA, Local 1180

Stuart Appelbaum, RWDSU, UFCW

Sara Horowitz, Freelancers Union