Teachers’ Tools

Interested in introducing your students to labor history? There are a lot of different resources out there—here are a few of the best designed specifically for teachers.

American Labor Studies Center
The American Labor Studies Center has a large collection of lesson plans, short histories of American labor, and many other valuable resources for teaching labor history.

American Social History Project-Center for Media and Learning
The ASHP’s “Herb” tool, named after labor historian Herbert Gutman, is an easy-to-use search engine that allows teachers to find documents, teaching activities, and worksheets for integrating social history, including labor history, in the classroom.

Labor History Links
Put together by labor historian Rosemary Feurer, this is a wonderful collection of resources for teachers interested in introducing labor history in the classroom.

Labor Film Database
One of the most complete online databases of labor films available, this database is a great resource for finding a film about labor issues and labor history.

Triangle Fire Resources
This extraordinary collection, from NYLHA Executive Board member Kimberly Schiller, is a wonderful way to introduce students to labor history issues.

Jewish Labor Committee
Readings on the American Jewish Labor Movement.